THE IKN POST — Series of Pairing Dinners and Tasting Programs Featuring Odfjell Premium Organic Wine

Today, at Kloud on Jalan Senopati in South Jakarta, the esteemed CEO of Odfjell Winery, Gonzalo Gomez Estol, is set to lead an educational journey through a series of pairing dinners and tasting programs.

This event aims not only to educate outlets such as sommeliers, F&B heads, managers, and bartenders from various restaurants, hotels, and bars about the exquisite Odfjell wines from Chile, but also to provide a deeper understanding of their unique characteristics and quality.

The gathering will also include the presence of outlet owners and leading media figures, enriching the event’s network of distinguished guests. Prior to this, pairing dinners were held at Chaiman and Izzy Social Club, setting the stage for today’s comprehensive tasting experience.

“Odfjell Premium Organic Wine is adored by wine lovers, particularly those who appreciate New World wines. Our organic offerings provide superior taste, quality, and health benefits,” said Edhi Sumadi, the Sole Principal of Odfjell Wine in Indonesia.

The Origin and Philosophy of Odfjell Wine

The history of Odfjell wine traces back to 1980 when Norwegian tanker ship owner Dan Odfjell discovered the Maipo Valley in Chile. Captivated by a fruit orchard there, he decided to establish a vineyard, which has now flourished into the renowned Odfjell Vineyard.

Chile’s alluvial soils are deep and nutrient-rich, and the Maipo Valley boasts one of the few climates in the world that offer a mild Mediterranean environment. This advantageous climate features wet winters and dry summers, ideal conditions for vineyard cultivation.

Odfjell wines are organic, meaning the grapes are grown without synthetic fertilizers, resulting in healthier and more robust fruit. The winery practices biodynamic farming, adhering to a biodynamic calendar based on the solar cycles affecting the vineyard, thus relying on organic farming techniques.

Organic wines are widely regarded as a healthier option, as they contain higher levels of antioxidants and contribute to better brain health by reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Odfjell Wine Varieties

Odfjell wine offers six distinct variants across three product ranges: Odfjell Armador, Odfjell Orzada, and Odfjell Aliara. The varieties include:

1.Odfjell Armador Cabernet Sauvignon
2.Odfjell Armador Merlot
3.Odfjell Sauvignon Blanc
4.Odfjell Orzada Cabernet Sauvignon
5.Odfjell Orzada Carmenere
6.Odfjell Aliara

Each variant exemplifies the exceptional quality and flavor profiles that Odfjell wines are known for, making them a favorite among wine connoisseurs and a staple in premium dining establishments.

In conclusion, the series of pairing dinners and tasting programs not only celebrate the rich heritage and superior quality of Odfjell wines but also foster a deeper appreciation and knowledge among industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The legacy of Odfjell wine, rooted in organic and biodynamic practices, continues to thrive, offering a healthier and more refined wine experience.

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