– The Financial Services Authority (OJK) held a Pre-Convention for the Draft of the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (RSKKNI) in the Financing sector at Le Méridien Hotel, Jakarta, on May 29, 2024.

This event, attended by various stakeholders, aimed to gather feedback and input on the draft competency standards before the verification and ratification stages by the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemnaker RI).

The pre-convention’s goal is to develop competency standards that will serve as a reference for certification and training programs in the financing sector.The Financial Services Authority (OJK) held a Pre-Convention on the Draft Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (RSKKNI) in the field of Financing at the Le Méridien Hotel, Jakarta (29/5/24).

This step is crucial to ensure that human resources (HR) in the financial sector, particularly in financing, possess professionalism, integrity, and global competitiveness.

Notable attendees included Agus Sugiarto, Head of the OJK Institute; Ni Nyoman Puspani, Director of HR Development Planning; NS Aji Martono, Commissioner Member of the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP); M. Amir S, Director of Competency Standards and Training Programs at Kemnaker RI; Sigit Sembodo, Head of the SKKNI Drafting Team in Financing; and Iwan Setiawan, Head of the SKKNI Verification Team in Financing.

The pre-convention discussed critical aspects of the RSKKNI, including the rules and eight standardization commands, the list of drafting and verification teams, and the competency map and units. Group discussions were also held to detail the mechanisms and contents of the proposed standards.

The event was conducted face-to-face, allowing participants to engage directly and provide input on the competency standard draft.

During the group discussions, participants delved into the specifics of each aspect of the draft, identifying potential improvements and agreeing on the next steps.

The RSKKNI pre-convention took place on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at Le Méridien Hotel, Jakarta. The choice of location was strategic to reach participants from various regions, especially those with interests in the financing sector.

With this pre-convention, it is expected that the resulting SKKNI draft will be more comprehensive and aligned with industry needs.

Feedback from various parties will enrich the draft, ensuring that the competency standards developed can enhance the quality of HR in Indonesia’s financing sector.

In her speech, Ni Nyoman Puspani emphasized the importance of this pre-convention as an initial step to ensure that HR in the financing sector has competencies recognized both nationally and internationally.

She also added that the involvement of all stakeholders in drafting these standards is crucial to achieve optimal results.

NS Aji Martono from BNSP highlighted that these competency standards will become a vital foundation in continuous certification and training programs.

M. Amir S from Kemnaker RI stressed that the verification and ratification of these standards will be conducted meticulously to ensure that HR in the financing sector is ready to face global challenges.

Sigit Sembodo and Iwan Setiawan, as the heads of the drafting and verification teams, appreciated the active participation of the attendees in the group discussions.

They are optimistic that the outcomes of this pre-convention will positively impact the quality of HR in the financing sector.

With the conclusion of this pre-convention, the next step is external verification and the ratification of the SKKNI by Kemnaker RI. The results of this pre-convention are expected to form competent, professional, and globally competitive HR, strengthening and making Indonesia’s financing sector more reliable.

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